Access Control System

Access Control System is the need of today life. We see when we go to any reputed company or office some of cabins are as restricted are to enter. No-one can enter in that area who is not allowed to be entered. This is just why Access Control System. By it’s name we can understand, it controls the entry.
Access control systems fall under one of these three types of access control models, which determine how access permissions are assigned and controlled within the organization:
There are many different types of access control systems for commercial buildings and businesses, but not all systems will be the right fit, depending on the size of the deployment, the number of users and entries, and the level of security required. For example, a single office inside a commercial building will need very different security controls than a hospital or large warehouse facility. So, how do you know which access control system is best for your space?

Major Types of Access Control System

There are three type of controller, Biometric Access Control System, Card Access Control System, Biometric Access Control System and Face Recognition Access Control System. It comes of two types i.e. software based and Standalone. Software based system provides data in server like in – out date with id, name etc. And Standalone System is for only to control entry, there is no data, who entered inside?
However, based on the usability and requirement, the access control system can be classified as :-
Proximity access control system
Door access control system
Security access control system
Visitor access control system and many more

Biometric Access Control System Biometric Access Control system authenticates and authorizes an individual based upon his/her physiological characteristics or attributes and then permits him/her to enter the sensitive area or zone. The Biometric access control system ensures greater security of the premises and proves to be significant in monitoring the vital assets or facilities of your business or enterprise.
Card Access Control System
Face Recognition Access Control System
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